Inflamed by conspiracy thinking?

The infamous coronovirus
The infamous coronavirus.

Welcome to my nightmare? Or is just a pitch for a Hollywood movie to end all movies? Or is it the 3D chess behind WW III, the Big Biowar? I rather hope it’s just the bad dream I woke up with. It certainly has a mix of confusing elements that are dreamlike, and this version is actually how I sorted things out afterwards.

It started with thinking about Trump losing the election and currently believing that he’s about to lose. Will Trump accept that it’s his own fault? Of course not. In TrumpWorld it has to be his enemies. That’s the Democratic Party and Obama and all the people who hate him for his good looks and great success! They’ve been persecuting him for decades. They are the only reason he’s a billion dollars in debt now! It’s all their fault. Nothing to do with his “true friends” like Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin the famous puppeteers!

But what if Putin has been feinting with his intelligence services? Do we really know all of Putin’s dirty secrets down to the names of the intelligence officers who are attacking America’s elections? What about the latest chaos around Armenia and the ongoing chaos in Azerbaijan and Syria? Look over here! Look over there! Or is all of that a facade, while the real secrets are somewhere else? The magician WANTS you to look at the other things while the trick is somewhere else.

So what if Putin has a serious bioweapons lab that really is a secret? What if that lab started years ago working on more dangerous mutants of SARS and MERS? Perhaps crossbreeds with the common cold? Of course that research would have included vaccines against their new diseases, and with years of efforts at the level of a national lab, they certainly ought to have major successes under their belts by now. This year they could apply those same technologies and techniques to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19. And apply that same vaccine technology to the new mutant pathogen. And maybe the latest result is even named the Sputnik vaccine? Am I the only one who’s been wondering where that “five” came from? I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation. Or maybe not. Maybe Covid-20 is already appearing among us? Or maybe it will start appearing next year as Covid-21. How lucky could Putin be if it turns out that the Russian people are already immune to the new and more serious disease as a “lucky” side effect of the Sputnik vaccine. I can already imagine Putin telling us there’s no luck involved, just superior Russian science that created a stronger vaccine.

Back to the dream… And what if Steve Bannon is back in the game? He’s always wanted to destroy the American government, and suddenly he’s in position to do it while making YUGE profits at the same time? Nothing suspicious in having pulled all of his money out of the stock market before the big crash. Look how volatile the market has become! And purely a coincidence if so many of Putin’s friends stepped out at the same time. Just more luck that they were ready with the cash to step in and own America after the YUGE crash. Coming soon to a stock market near you. Can you imagine the Dow Jones Average crashing to 1,000? My imagination is that sick, but the YUGE greed of people like Bannon is much sicker. Maybe Bannon’s main role was to convince Trump the puppet that he can run in 2024 after the YUGE plague has destroyed ALL of Trump’s Democratic enemies? (That’s “YUGE” as in “huge” converted to TrumpWorld thinking.)

So would Putin be willing to kill millions of people to win WW III and Make Russia Great Again? Without firing a shot? But that trick never works. At least not in the movies. Yet these days real life often seems too crazy to be in a movie. And then I read today’s news, where a new coronavirus variant is reported to be spreading across Europe.




I admire experts, but I can claim no deep expertise. But I might be the most broadly educated ignoramus you’ll ever run into. Still reading lots of books…

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Shannon Jacobs

Shannon Jacobs

I admire experts, but I can claim no deep expertise. But I might be the most broadly educated ignoramus you’ll ever run into. Still reading lots of books…

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